About us

Portugalský inštitút (The Portuguese Institute) is a Slovak association dedicated to promoting Portuguese language and Portuguese speaking countries in Slovakia. Founded in 2001, the Institute has been organizing language courses and cultural events and offering translation and interpreting services while participating in international projects. Since 2015, the Institute has also published various literary translations from Portuguese to Slovak. In 2017, the Institute signed a memorandum of understanding with the International Portuguese Language Institute IILP-CPLP.

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    Our team

    Zuzana Chudíková

    Executive Director, Translation and Publishing services


    Lenka Cinková

    Translation competition


    Zuzana Greksáková

    Language courses, Website, E-shop


    Elena Seitlerová

    Workshops for children, Marketing


    Alžbeta Chudá

    Social Media

    Our lecturers

    Nina Vartíková

    European Portuguese

    Ján Tupý

    European Portuguese

    Kristína Kironská

    European Portuguese

    Elena Seitlerová

    European/Brazilian Portuguese, Slovak for Portuguese speakers

    Mirka Glovňová

    Brazilian/European Portuguese

    Júlia Jellúšová

    European Portuguese

    Claudia Šmajda

    Brazilian Portuguese

    Carlines Fausti

    Brazilian Portuguese

    Rafael Paiva

    Brazilian/European Portuguese

    Katarína Dešková

    European Portuguese

    Barbora Černá

    European Portuguese

    Where to find us

    Where to find us

    Department of Romance Studies
    Faculty of Philosophy, University of Comenius
    Gondova 2
    Bratislava 818 01


    Portugalský inštitút
    Skuteckého 24
    SK-974 01 Banská Bystrica
    Registration Number: 30788684
    VAT Number: SK2012616663


    At the moment, all course are taught online.

    Dedicated to the memory of our friend and co-founder of the Portuguese Institute Zuzana Kobzová (1974 – 2001)